Friday, October 24, 2008

Off to the Eyrie

This weekend is the fall statewide BCM retreat at Eagle Eyrie! Eagle Eyrie is a Baptist retreat center located in the mountains outside of Lynchburg, VA. There is a state BCM conference there each fall and spring where students from BCMs at all the colleges in Virginia gather for a weekend to worship, hang out, and stay up too late playing games and talking. I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty confident that I went to all 8 Eagle Eyries that occured during my time as a student. I have to confess though that during all that time I never knew what the heck "Eagle Eyrie" meant. Apparently, an eyrie is a nest or a house that is built on a high place or a cliff. The property got its name from one of the original owners whose nickname was "The Eagle" - sounds like a pretty intense guy.

We're all getting ready to hop in 15-passenger vans and start the 2-hour trip to Lynchburg for the weekend, and I'm getting quite excited. Eagle Eyrie was one of my favorite events as a student. I remember so many fun times hanging out and having significant spiritual experiences there. I even met a few people from other Virginia schools that have been good friends ever since then. They've fixed up the hotel that we stay in and added a few modern conveniences (like cell phone service and wireless internet!) since the last time I've been there, but I am looking forward to the familiar place to retreat from life here in Blacksburg. I know it will be a little bit different now that I am no longer a student, but I'm excited to see what will happen in the VT BCM community and what God will teach us this weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Place Called Home

You know those things that make a place feel like home? Familiarity, Routines, Friends. Lately I'm starting to feel that way about Blacksburg. Last week poor Mabel was feeling a little under the weather (see picture below) & I had to call around to find a vet that would see her. Then I proceeded to call several dentists in the area to make an appointment for Nic & myself to get our teeth cleaned.

To me there's something about scheduling an appointment with a certified professional that makes it feel like you're putting down roots somewhere. It's been amazing to be back in Blacksburg (not to mention the Commonwealth of Virginia) but I must admit it's been harder than I expected to just pick up our lives in Philadelphia and move away. We miss friends, VCC West Philly, and I will admit sometimes even the hustle and bustle of the city life. But God is faithful & we are starting to catch a glimpse of what he has for us here.

We've been able to attend a small group at our church on a regular basis now and it has just been wonderful. It's so comforting to show up to church & recognize at least a couple faces & even better have them remember your name! We always joke about how Mabel is such a "routine dog" but when all things familar are taken away I've realized I start to long for those routines too. So for now I'll keep singing that cheesy song from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" -it feels like home to me.