Monday, November 4, 2013

A little "cry cry" on this cold Monday night

It's currently pretty darn quiet in my house.  I'd like to take a moment to thank Daylight Savings Time for that (begin slow, painful clap).  I know, I know-it's so stereotypical for people with young children to rant about how their kids don't understand the whole "fall back" thing and how we're up at 5am everyday now.  But friends, have a little mercy on us because it is painful!  I don't even care about the waking up early thing (we're learning quiet independent play as a result) but the OVERTIREDNESS, the nighttime woes, the napping woes.  Have mercy (if only Uncle Jesse knew how I would twist his trademark phrase)!  I know everyone will adjust eventually & to be honest I am finding myself much more productive in the morning hours (who cares about waking up at 6:30 when it still feels like 7:30).  But I would also be ok if we removed this one from our law books.  Can I add that on to my ballot at tomorrow's election?

Saturday was one of those days that makes you feel like a total failure as a parent.  Sadie had been (notice the past tense there) doing really well with potty training so we promised her a morning at the local "bounce house."  Turns out after driving 45 minutes to arrive at said "bounce house" we should have done a little more research.  The one we were planning on going to closed 10 MONTHS AGO & the one across town had no Open Gym hours on Saturday.  To say we were scared to tell Sadie was quite the understatement.  In the end she actually ended up handling it ok & our attempt to do something else "cool and fun" seemed to be a win in Sadie's book.  We rode up to the Roanoke star, where you can see the Roanoke Valley for miles & miles, & "hiked" the loop around the star.  While we were looking off the overlook Sadie kept saying "I can see the bounce house.  They closed today."  Poor child.  Oh but it doesn't end there.  After the star we headed over to the mall where I promised Sadie there would be a Disney store with lots and lots of princess stuff.  As it turns out the Disney store closed oh I don't know, almost 4 YEARS AGO; again with the fact checking.  So we walked away with our tails between our legs to the indoor playground & Sadie forgot the word princess even existed (until we got back to the car where Princess Belle was waiting for us). 

See how I casually mentioned potty training earlier.  This challenge is certainly not for the faint of heart my friends.  And I kid you not that every time I see someone walk into a public restroom, I want to give a shout of praise to the kind soul who taught them how to do that!  I know this is just like the whole Daylight Savings Time thing & she'll catch on eventually but it is certainly producing some perseverance & character in the mean time :).  

I think that's enough "cry-cry" for now.  As I near the beginning of my 29th year of life next week I hope to have some more meaningful thoughts on life.  For now enjoy a little 'Bippity Boppity Boo' from Princess Cinderella!