Thursday, January 21, 2010

Distance Education

Recently, I did a phone interview with a guy from a publication run by Duke's divinity school about the distance education that the Gordon-Conwell campus in Charlotte does. My Hebrew professor (Dr. Harlow) is working on a grant to improve distance education and recommended me as a good example of somebody who is affected by GCTS's distance education process. I've never really done an interview before, so it's a little weird to see somebody writing about me. Check out the article here:

Monday, January 11, 2010


"Break my heart for what breaks Yours"- it's playing on my computer as I'm typing this blog right now. I've had this line from the song Hosanna stuck in my head for some time now and despite the fact that I've heard this particular song more times than I can count on my fingers and toes, I'm never not moved by these particular lyrics.

My prayer for the past few days has been that God would help me to see others the way he does, even "the others" who tend to frustrate the snot out of me sometimes. After reading Matthew 5:46-48, where Jesus says if you just love the people who love you, what makes you any different than the tax collectors or the pagans, I was inspired to start praying for my "enemies." Now just to be perfectly clear here, I don't really believe I have any "enemies" in the sense of people who have made it their life's goal to get me. But I do have people I come into contact with in my life that sometimes frustrate me (I'm not naive here either, I'm sure I frustrate them at times too). Anyways instead of whining and complaining to God about how innocent little me has been wronged, I've recently felt God calling me to pray for these people. Now I can't say I'm at a point where my heart is completely softened and all my prayers are pure and righteous but hey everybody has to start somewhere right?

So for now I'm asking God to break my heart for his children and awaken me to my own stupid selfishness. And the next time I start to feel myself getting annoyed at the insurance woman on the other side of the phone, I pray that I'll have a heart more like Him for her. I'll never know about the fight she had with her husband last night or the cancer diagnosis she got last week but He does and it's my job to be His light in this world.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Passion 2010

April and I are getting ready to load up a bunch of college students in two big vans and head down to Atlanta for the 2010 Passion conference. Passion is a movement of college students that seeks God's renown and glory on college campuses across the world. Our group of 30 will be gathered with somewhere around 20,000 other college students and volunteers for 4 days of worship, prayer, teaching, and fun in downtown Atlanta. Some of our favorite teachers and musicians will be there, including John Piper, Beth Moore, and Francis Chan.

April and I have been to Passion events before, both as students and leaders. In November, April helped to plan a Passion event here on the VT campus that was leading up to this big event. It got a lot of our students excited about being a part of this global movement and about seeing what God is doing on their campus. Now that all of the details have come together, we are excited to see what God will teach us and the students we are taking down there tomorrow!

Check out Passion 2010's website for a look at what we'll be doing.