Friday, January 1, 2010

Passion 2010

April and I are getting ready to load up a bunch of college students in two big vans and head down to Atlanta for the 2010 Passion conference. Passion is a movement of college students that seeks God's renown and glory on college campuses across the world. Our group of 30 will be gathered with somewhere around 20,000 other college students and volunteers for 4 days of worship, prayer, teaching, and fun in downtown Atlanta. Some of our favorite teachers and musicians will be there, including John Piper, Beth Moore, and Francis Chan.

April and I have been to Passion events before, both as students and leaders. In November, April helped to plan a Passion event here on the VT campus that was leading up to this big event. It got a lot of our students excited about being a part of this global movement and about seeing what God is doing on their campus. Now that all of the details have come together, we are excited to see what God will teach us and the students we are taking down there tomorrow!

Check out Passion 2010's website for a look at what we'll be doing.

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