Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Again I find myself apologizing for my long absence from the blogosphere.  I've still been reading other people's blogs, I just haven't felt like I've had much of a voice or content to share lately.  But I've been inspired by my hubs and other blogging friends to pick back up the 'ole keyboard and start typing.  So here are some random thoughts for now, hopefully I'll be back later and more frequently with something more valuable :).

I finished the second book in the Divergent series on Tuesday afternoon.  In case you're interested it's called Insurgent not Allegiant.  Much to my dismay (and stupidity), after finishing the book I was so desperate to talk about it with somebody or hear other people's opinions that I googled Allegiant.  I started seeing all kinds of *spoiler alert* warnings but smarty pants me thought "It's ok.  I just finished the book so this isn't a spoiler."  As it turns out you should take the extra two seconds to push Home -----> Title Page on your Kindle before googling a book.  Apparently there are MAJOR events that happen in the third book and I am now the proud owner of such knowledge without reading the book.  Yea, not cool.  Interestingly enough this also happened to me during the most recent season of Downton Abbey. Apparently they air the British episodes a full six months or so before they release it across the pond.  Their Facebook account operates for both countries so when something says "What did you think about last night's episode?, don't click it. (Warning: Season 3 Spoiler Alert) That whole Sybil dying thing, yeah, heard about it, like SIX MONTHS before you did.  And the best part: Nic wouldn't let me tell him, something about he didn't want to have the experience ruined for him.  Hmmph. 

In other major news, tomorrow I'll be 25 weeks pregnant with Baby Uebel #2.  Sorry about the long delayed announcement there, this poor baby is already destined to a life of second child syndrome.  Every time I go to the doctor they ask me how far along I am and every time I respond "Actually can you tell me that?" I think they think I'm kidding but I'm really not.  This pregnancy is flying by!  With Sadie I could've told you down to the exact day how "pregnant" I was and which vegetable/fruit she most closely resembled.  This time around I'm lucky if I remember to EAT any fruits or vegetables that day.  Poor baby- I promise I love you & am excited to meet you!

We're headed out tonight to do some trick or treating with Cinderella.  Sadie has been obsessed with her lately so there was never a doubt in our minds who she would be dressing up as for Halloween. A friend of mine suggested I dress up as the pumpkin who will ultimately be her carriage, seeing as I'm in such a pumpkin like state as of lately :).  I think I'll pass for now.  I'm afraid I'd be more likely to back up traffic when people saw a giant orange blob in the road!  Happy Halloween!