Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo Shoot

Thanks to our wonderful friend Robbie we were able to capture some amazing pictures of our family and the star of it all, Sadie. If you're looking for a videographer/photographer I highly recommend him!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy One Month!

Dear Sadie Elizabeth,

Today you're a month old! It's hard to believe you've been on the outside world that long. It was a bit sad when the last of your umbilical cord fell out because now all evidence of your life in the womb is gone but enough crazy for now :). You really are such a sweet baby and when you get fussy all you need is your pacifier to be soothed. Man do you love that pacifier, the wub-a-nub has become mom & dad's best friend. You like to make all kinds of funny noises, your dad has affectionately named them "wildlife noises." You're learning to sleep longer at night and we greatly appreciate that. Hopefully one day soon we'll learn how to swaddle you tight enough that you don't escape like Houdini! You've had lots of firsts this month: 6:33, Target, church, visitors, and I'm sure I'm missing some, but unfortunately you've been asleep for most of them. You've still got some crazy hair, people keep telling me I should put some gel in there and spike it into a well defined mohawk, I keep saying maybe, if you were a BOY! One day all those sweet little bows, that are just waiting for their debut, will stay put in your super fine, soft hair.

All of this to say Sadie Elizabeth, we love you dearly and even though our lives have changed drastically (that admittedly has been hard to accept at times) you bring so much joy into our lives that we couldn't imagine life without you!

*Please bear with the cutesyness once a month. I "borrowed" this idea from another blog- I think it's so much fun to be able to look back years from now at each stage of Sadie's life*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Spiritual Epiphanies and Kroger

Life has changed drastically in the Uebel household over the past few weeks. And I'm not exactly sure why, well ok maybe it's due to this cute little face :).

Last night over dinner I told Nic it had been a rough day. You see I have this little problem called worry, especially when it comes to finances. And yesterday when all the hospital bills and insurance premiums started rolling in I started to panic. As I saw numbers flashing before my eyes, I started to hate the fact that everything costs money. I have this list that seems to be constantly growing of things I want but unfortunately as mentioned before cost money.

Like the iPhone that Verizon is about to release, I mean I've been waiting FOREVER for it so shouldn't I be able to get it after being soooo patient for so long? Or a newer car, I know it's hard to believe but 1996 was a long time ago and notice I only said newer not new? Reality bit me in the butt last night, hard. I am responsible for this new little life now, whom I love very much don't get me wrong, but I can't do everything I used to do anymore and I can't have everything I want either. That's a hard pill to swallow. I told Nic, "It's like I'm being forced to grow up only I thought I had already done that."

And here's where Kroger comes in (in case you're wondering). After dinner Nic volunteered to stay home with the sleeping baby so I could have some time to myself, at Kroger of all places. An important thing to note here is that I haven't been to Kroger in over a month and because all of my attention has been dedicated to Sadie lately I've forgotten that Thursday nights at a college town Kroger are for beer runs.

So the place is dead except for the beer cave and checkout stations. I'm still walking around humming "It's the Hard-Knock Life " in my head and declaring it my theme song my entire Kroger visit. So I pay for my groceries and head out the door. It was freezing last night so I pull my cart over to put on some gloves and a cute college girl walks past me toting a 24 pack of Bud Light. And that's when I realize it- I'm probably only five years older than her but there is a world of difference between the two of us, in fact that seems like a lifetime ago to me(not that I made beer runs in college but you get the point). And what's even better is that's ok- I love my life now, I wouldn't trade anything to go back to that time, even if that means not getting everything I ever wanted and giving up a few things along the way.

There is always joy in our lives, sometimes to quote Disney's The Princess and the Frog, "we just have to dig a little deeper" to find it. Thank you God for the many blessings in my life!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

She's Here!

Sadie Elizabeth Uebel was born on 12/29/2010 at 1:13pm! The whole labor and delivery process was pretty smooth, and lasted less than 12 hours. April woke up with contractions at about 1:30am that morning, we were at the hospital by 4am (after dropping off Mabel with our friends Robbie and Kristal), and before we knew it she was here!

Our stay at the hospital was really good - we had plenty of help learning how to care for our little girl and recovering from delivery. We came home on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, and we've been adjusting to this new stage of life at home since then. We've been really thankful for the many friends who have come to visit, done little favors for us, and brought us meals during this time. Here are a couple of pictures from her first few days of life.

April holding Sadie in the hospital.

All dressed up and ready to go home.

Hanging out with dad.