Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's on my Google Reader?

Since I haven't been generating a whole lot of original content for this blog lately, I figured I'd post a list of some of the feeds I keep up with on my Google Reader. It an easy and convenient way to keep track of blogs and news feeds that I like to follow.
  • CNN.com - Recent Stories - My favorite place for current news.
  • philly.com - News - Local Philadelphia news stories.
  • Phillyist - News and stories about what's going on around Philly.
  • ESPN.com - Recent sports news.
  • Damn Interesting - Stories and essays about topics that are damn interesting.
  • Real Live Preacher - A preacher in Texas who writes essays about life, church, and Jesus.
  • Post Secret - A very interesting art project where people mail in postcards with their deepest secrets. Warning - contains some R-rated content.
  • The Dilbert Blog - Thoughts from Scott Adams - the guy that writes the Dilbert cartoons.
  • The Daily WTF - Funny stories about the things that go on in the software industry.
  • I Can Has Cheezburger? - Cat-themed geek humor. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I get some good laughs out of this site - April makes fun of me for it. It has its own language and inside jokes that you'll have to get used to.
  • Straight Cash Homey Dot Net - Pictures of people wearing ridiculous sports jerseys.
I hope that gives you a few enjoyable things to look at. I'm going to try to put up a clips feature on the blog soon so you can see the stories and blog posts that I found interesting and tagged as public in my Google Reader. Does anybody have any other good feeds to recommend?

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  1. Hi guys- this isn't exactly a comment on this entry, but... April- we've been watching Chuck too- so we watched one with Melissa to help your crusade :-)