Monday, December 1, 2008

A Day in My Life

Since it's hard to describe what I do on a daily basis, I wanted to try to give a sense of what a day looks like for me. Today is our first day back at work after a week off at Thanksgiving, so there is probably a little more organization work today that I'm catching up on than usual. Here goes:

7:30am - Wake up, a little later than I wanted to, but well rested. Eat a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. Check email and fantasy football/basketball results. My teams didn't perform very well this week.
8:00am - Shower, shave, get dressed.
8:15am - Quiet time alone with God. Writing in my journal, reading Proverbs, praying about the day.
8:50am - Take the dog for a short walk in the snow. Too bad the snow is all melted within an hour.
9:00am - Gather my stuff and make the commute to work (walking across the parking lot). Turn the heat on, set up my laptop, write a to-do list for the day.
9:30am - Update the BCM website to reflect the activities going on in the near future. I do this every Monday morning. Background music: Blue Water Band. Not sure why I wanted to listen to this old recording of us playing - maybe because I saw Mike this past week and haven't listened to it in a while.
9:45am - Write an article for our monthly newsletter about events of the past month. Gives me a good chance to reflect on the month and everything that went on. Also put it into the layout using Microsoft Publisher. April is with her ladies discipleship group, so I get good work done with the office to myself. Background music: Don Chaffer and Waterdeep.
11:00am - Balance my checkbook and process the support checks that we have received over break.
Randomly throughout the morning - Write and respond to emails with BCM studnets setting up a service project this weekend to split and deliver firewood to families in the area who need it.
11:15am - Get asked by a student to do an interview about my views of masculinity for her Masculinity class. Who knew they offered such a class. Spend the next hour and a half talking about family, being a husband, being emotionally vulnerable, and what it means to be a man. I had an audience of up to four other women (including April) listening to my answers, making me feel a bit like I was on trial.
12:45pm - Talk to another student about the possibility of them using the BCM's white 15-passenger van for a trip this weekend. The insurance company is being really picky about who drives the van these days, so it doesn't work out.
1:00pm - Go home for lunch. I made a sandwich with a leftover chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and mayo - it was quite good. Also had some homemade Chex Mix and Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's (a favorite of ours) that we imported from Cincinnati this past week.
1:30pm - Back to work. Write some receipt letters/emails to our supporters.
2:00pm - Read some NFL articles online.
2:30pm - Call a student I've never met or talked to because his grandmother had called here before break asking us to reach out to him. This is a really intimidating thing for me, so it takes me 15 minutes of going through possible conversations in my head before I can call. End up leaving a voice mail. This is the kind of thing that I want to learn how to do more though - God giving me a heart for the broken and hurting.
3:00pm - Walk down the street to Rocket Music to buy some drum sticks. I've pulverized the couple of pairs I have, and have band practice tonight. There are people there eating chocolate cake in honor of somebody's birthday, and I get offered some, but decline.
3:15pm - Write an email to student leaders about the Christmas party we're having next Sunday. It will be a pot-luck dinner and white elephant gift party, so I explain those things. Background music: Pandora radio, Belle & Sebastian channel. I asked my brother this weekend what artist to put into Pandora and this is what he recommended. I'm digging it.
3:30pm - Write this blog.
3:55pm - Do some quick research for a talk that April is giving tomorrow night about James and John the sons of Zebedee, two of Jesus' disciples.
4:00pm - Meet with other staff to pray for the BCM.
5:00pm - Talk about ideas for a weekly advent liturgy service that we could have over the next couple of weeks.
5:15pm - Go home for dinner (I think we're going to make sloppy joes).
6:30pm - Back to the BCM for church band practice. I play drums at church about every other week, and we're playing this Sunday.
9:00pm - Samson society meeting at BCM. This a group where men gather together to talk honestly about their lives, and I love this part of every week.
10:00pm - Hang out with the Samson guys at Taco Bell. This is our weekly ritual after our meetings.

Well, that was a lengthy description with some details that are pretty inconsequential, but I hope you understand a little more about what kinds of things I do during the day.

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