Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late Night at the Movies

Tuesday night, April and I went to the midnight showing of the newly released Harry Potter movie with some BCM friends. This is the second Harry Potter movie in a row that we've gone to the midnight release for now - last time we went with friends in Philadelphia. We have read all of the Harry Potter books and enjoy the story. I haven't liked or disliked any of the movies in the series more than the others because, to me, they are neat ways to see the stories I know from the books told on film. I appreciate the movies because they allow me to be drawn into the world of wizards on a new level. For those of you who still don't buy into the Harry Potter craze, I would recommend giving the books a try - I would be surprised if you don't enjoy them enough to keep reading.

Even when I was younger, and even more so now, I have had a hard time staying awake when watching movies late at night. I never enjoyed watching movies at night with friends because I would just sit there and focus on staying awake because it embarrasses me to fall asleep. This is even true when I'm in a theater; I always tell people that my best achievement in this area was sleeping through most of the movie Gladiator in the theater. I'd say that I did well this time - there were a few moments where I was struggling to keep my eyes open and nodding off a little bit, but I know I didn't miss any significant portion of the movie.

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