Monday, February 1, 2010

In case you were wondering I'm not a gamer

I'm not a gamer. In fact before I got married it was like pulling teeth to get me to even play a board game. Nic however is a gamer; first it was Sporcle, then Settlers , and now Spider Solitaire. It's not uncommon for him to play at least one game a day (if not more) on his computer. It's sort of his way of decompressing when things get stressful or just needs a break. Me, I'm a TV watcher. My current lineup includes Chuck, Greek, NCIS-LA, and Modern Family. I can't imagine coming home after a long day to use my brainpower to solve a puzzle, in fact the thought alone detests me.

But today is the start of my wonderful, amazing husband's birth month. And as a birth month present I will try my hardest this month to be a gamer (at least for the next 10 days). I will play a board game when our friends ask us if we want to, I'll allow him to keep score when we play Scrabble (despite the fact I lose horribly whenever we play), and maybe just maybe I'll even help him with the answers to Sporcle because I love him that much! So this post is dedicated to my wonderful hubby.

I'm reminded every day of how grateful I am for him!

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