Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Now that the cat's out of the bag and people know I'm pregnant I'm often met with a fair share of questions. Don't get me wrong I love answering them all! More often than not though they're the same. When are you due? How are you feeling? Are you going to find out the gender? And my favorite...have you had any weird cravings?

Well my friends here's the answer you've all waited for..........

I know, I know it's not exactly weird (like pickles and ice cream) but I still think it's kind of funny. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't let myself buy these EVER but it just seems like I can't get enough of them now that I'm pregnant. I guess if my kid comes out orange and "puffy" we'll know why.

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  1. Hi April, I just stopped by your blog to get any pregnancy updates (since we're pregnancy partners :)
    My craving is similar...DORITOS!!! I try not to buy them, but they've been on sale at Walmart. When I start eating them, I can't stop. It must be that salty, cheesy goodness that we love!