Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Ten Months!

Dear Sadie-

It's a little late but happy 10 month birthday! You are well on your way to becoming a true toddler. You're pulling up to a stand and sort of cruising from toy basket to toy basket. You are all about getting into anything you can reach these days. You're learning the word no, learning being the key word there. You've started shaking your head no a lot lately too. Sometimes you even do it after we say the actual word "no" but then again you also do it when music is playing and whenever you feel like it really :).

You caught your first cold this month. I felt bad for you but we knew it was bound to happen some time. It seems that colds are ten thousand times worse in little babies, they make your entire chest rattle and they last for weeks on end. Hopefully the winter ahead won't bring too many more of those.

You have become quite the little foodie. Most of the time you're willing to try whatever Dad & I are eating, especially if we're out at a restaurant. Some of your more unique foods have included: hummus, salsa, and enchiladas. We've tried giving you your milk in a cup but you cling to your bottle pretty hard. I'm afraid the switch to whole milk in a couple of months will have to include dropping the bottle, cold turkey.

You love music. You've learned to clap and now whenever you hear music you clap. You're also starting to wave at people. You absolutely REFUSE to leave your bows in your hair and I have to admit this makes me a little bit sad. Even after you pull the bow out, you feel your head another twenty times just to make sure it's gone! Even without the bow you're still SO stinking cute and we love you very much!

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