Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Revenge

(Warning this post is not for those weak of stomach)

Nic is away at school this weekend and while I am VERY grateful for the opportunity for him to further his education, it can sometimes get a little difficult here on the home front.

Case in point today. I decided to get out this afternoon with Little Miss for some lunch and shopping. We headed to Chick-Fil-A because where else do you go for lunch on a Saturday in Southwest VA (do you notice a theme in my life)? Anyways, things were going swimmingly. I was single parenting it up. Sadie was strapped in her high chair, eating her chicken nuggets and fruit cup, when we saw Him. The life-sized Chick-Fil-A cow emerged from the kitchen and I saw Sadie's eyes fill with terror.

I must mention this is not our first run in with Mr. Cow. In fact the last time we were at Chick-Fil-A he visited all the little children, eager to shake his paw or give him a high five but not Sadie, she screamed and cried at the top of her lungs, clinging to her mom & dad for dear life, pleading with her eyes to make him disappear. Today was no different. As soon as she caught sight of him, she stopped eating and starting holding her arms out towards me. I started packing up because I knew this couldn't end well. Well, as luck would have it the kids at the two tables next to us LOVED Mr. Cow and in fact one little girl posed with him for like 5 pictures, all the while Sadie screamed. Finally he left but only to reemerge with armfuls of mini-little cows. He made his rounds, delivering a mini-cow to each child, and as I'm scarfing down what's left of my lunch, he arrives at our table. I think he gave us a mini-cow as a sort of peace offering to Sadie and consolation gift to me, "Here lady, sorry I made your kid cry." Shortly after we left.

Here is Little Miss in the car seat enjoying her mini-cow, far, far away from Mr. Cow in the magical land known as the Barnes and Noble parking lot.

Anyways, we continued our shopping adventure and finally headed home. Sadie fell asleep in her car seat and was not particularly happy with me when I had to wake her up to carry her inside the house. Not one minute after we get into the house I hear Sadie start gagging. I know what's coming, so all I can do is plant my feet and weather the storm. She starts projectile vomiting all over herself, me, and anything within 5 feet of us. I look down and I'm still holding all our recent purchases including mini-cow, who is now covered in vomit. After I got everyone and everything cleaned up, I debated for a brief second what to do with mini-cow. Needless to say he is now enjoying his new home in our garbage can. I think this is all Sadie's way of saying "Take that Mr. Cow, who gets the last laugh now?"

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