Monday, March 26, 2007

The city of brotherly love, or not?

One of my friends brought a group down to Philadelphia this past week and listening to them talk about the "sketchiness" of the city had to make me laugh a little bit. I've been here about 10 months now, Nic about a year, and I must admit there are some things that I now truly like about Philadelphia: Wegman's, the park behind our house, all the cool stuff to do, our church, etc. I also discovered that Nic & I both can serve as pretty good tour guides around the city and that my friends is worth a pat on the back. However as with every good thing there is always a bad, and this weekend also clearly pointed out some disappointing facts about Philly. For instance point in fact- Independence Hall, sure it's great that our founding fathers signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution there, which don't get me wrong I'm most grateful for, but the entire 20 minute tour consisted of two rooms, all that buzz for one building, two rooms? Now maybe that's because I grew up in the great state of Virginia, where the majority of American history was made along with some pretty influential leaders including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, so excuse me if a two room building has nothing on Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.
And then the kicker- Sunday afternoon while grocery shopping I witnessed a fight between two customers, now this would not be as alarming if I hadn't already experienced this before in another Philadelphia retail store. I couldn't help to think in my mind as this was all happening-is saving 3 minutes in the checkout line really worth a ride in a cop car? Apparently in Philadelphia my friends the answer is yes.

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  1. Hello Uebels! Many thanks on the Jamestown and Williamsburg props!! A big amen! If there were no Jamestown, there'd be no Constitution Hall!!!