Friday, March 16, 2007

Silly Sleet

So it's sleeting like crazy now in Philadelphia why I'm not sure seeing as it's March 16. I guess the only good part is that Nic & I both got home from work early. Nic is currently watching basketball and surprisingly enough I'm interested in it as well. We decided to do a bracket pool for our bible study so suddenly I now have a reason to be interested, I never thought I'd say this in my life but for once I was actually sad Duke lost. It's a funny thing being married I can honestly say I'm a much bigger sports fan now, I bet I could name one NFL player from every team or more importantly I know all the major QB starters, who knew fantasy football would mean so much.
We decided(probably more myself than Nic) to start this thing just to keep people posted on what's going on with us. We were down in Blacksburg last weekend for Becca & Logan's wedding and it made me miss our friends and the wonderful state of Virginia greatly. I also realized I've been terrible at keeping up to date with old friends, so here goes nothing. Oh yea I've attached some pictures from the Self wedding too!

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