Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MLK Jr. Weekend

I had off this past Monday, so Nic decided to join me in taking the day off himself (floating holidays are a true blessing) and I must say we fully enjoyed our long weekend. Friday night we went over to a friend's house from Dream Camp for a game night, we enjoyed a way fun game of Taboo and numerous tears from laughing so hard. Saturday we did some shopping and overall took it easy. Sunday I caught up with some of my friends from college, who were in the process of driving cross country from Virginia to San Francisco, it was so fun to talk to them and it makes me realize how valuable friendship really is. Sunday night was our "Wii Like to Party" night and we realized that some of our friends really get into their Wii Sports, Wii boxing for some is like taking a cardioboxing fitness class at the YMCA, if you haven't seen people Wii box yet you're definitely in for a treat. Monday Nic played in a "Playing for the King " MLK Jr. Basketball Tournament (see the picture) at a Baptist Church in Southwest Philadelphia, unfortunately his team lost but it was a fun time none the loss. I sat on the sideline cheering them on along with the other wives and girlfriends, conveniently located next to the portable heaters. It was hard to go back to work on Tuesday, I think I could definitely get accustomed to a 4-day work week. But nonetheless it's back to the cube farm for the both of us, more updates to come soon.

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