Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sick of Being Sick with the "Stomach Bug"

Due to the infamous "stomach bug" that's been floating around the streets of Philadelphia lately, I was out of work yesterday and stuck in bed. The only upside of spending an entire day stuck inside 4 walls was the afternoon where I watched the 4 hour long TV miniseries, Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. I got the DVD collection last year (2006) for Christmas and watched the first two DVDs right away, but I somehow hadn't been able to find the time to finish them until yesterday. I can remember watching episodes on PBS with both my parents as a little girl and absolutely soaking in the glory of Anne's freedom and glistening red hair. To be honest though I had totally forgotten about the miniseries/book until I got to college when one of my roommate's friends happened to mention them (she (the friend) actually honeymooned in Canada, due in part to her love of Prince Edward Island and Green Gables). I still haven't read the book but that is next on my reading list (perhaps this'll be motivation to read the five other books on my bookshelf waiting to be read). I do however want to go to Canada now, especially Prince Edward Island. Perhaps I too simply want to be a little girl again and run through the fields like Anne Shirley, full speed ahead and never looking back.


  1. i love anne of green gables too and just watched the continuing story not too long ago! i actually watched the entire series....it was so addictive.

  2. April, we would love to have you visit our beautiful Island. This years is Anne's 100th birthday!

  3. hey april. laura passed along your blog.

    i have wanted to go to pei for several year!!! let's go. now! okay, it might be a little cold right now.

    it was good to get to see you all. i look forward to seeing you more.