Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Friday morning we dropped Mabel off with my parents and headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC for a long weekend getaway. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to Myrtle Beach (probably when I was in high school) and Nic had never been there so it was a fun adventure for all. We checked into our hotel shortly after arriving and of course walked down to the beach! The place we stayed was called Ocean Creek Resort and I highly recommend it if you're ever down on the Grand Strand. There is actually a real ocean creek that runs in between the property and the ocean (which at high tide looks more like a river) which was really neat because of all the wildlife in brings in with it.

That night we relived a part of my childhood by dining at the Sea Captain's House for dinner. I can remember several mornings of our family vacations, being dragged from my sleep to this restaurant for breakfast. To my parent's credit it is pretty cool though. The restaurant is housed in this old house that is literally right on the beach. In fact we waited for our table out by the sand dunes (not a bad wait I'd say)!

After dinner that night we went a little bit wild and crazy and went to play putt-putt. This was the first time I've played putt-putt with Nic in a LONG time (the first and last time was when I was a freshman in college 8 years ago). And as it turns out you can learn new things about your spouse years later- for instance, Nic never knew that I was a leftie when I played putt-putt (I think I actually forget about that too though). We picked the right course too because we discovered halfway into our putt-putting experience that the winner of the USPMGA Masters played this exact same course back in October!

Saturday we pretty much just sat on the beach all day reading and enjoying the ocean! Someone recommended The Princess Bride to me and I've ended up really enjoying it. That evening we went out to dinner again and just enjoyed having nothing to do. We packed up Sunday morning and headed home (with a stop to pick up Mabel of course). It was such a great weekend overall! My only complaint is that it was too short!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! We were at Ocean Isle Beach last weekend (Friday - Monday).... we rode up to Myrtle on Sunday evening!!! Myrtle seemed deserted compared to normal - did you have any waits for dinner or anything? We didn't and it seemed so strange! Anyways... hope you did enjoy your beach anniversary celebration!

  2. Ocean Creek is where my parents place is....Ive been going there since I was little..and also Hawaiin Rumble is where we play Putt Putt; last year when my fam went on vacation we went for old times sake :) Glad you had fun!