Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April Uebel, Private Investigator

So I'm a pretty observant person. I can remember names and faces like nobody's business. I often joke with Nic that if I could only retain useful knowledge the way I do facts about people, maybe I would have actually obtained my one time dream of going to medical school.

But luckily over time I've come to appreciate all the gifts the good Lord has given me and attention to detail is definitely one of them. I was reminded of this the other night while out to dinner with some friends. At the end of the meal when the server brought the credit card receipt to be signed I looked down and happened to notice his pen said Gaylord Hotels. Now because I'm a frequent visitor to the big city of Nashville (ok really I only go there once/maybe twice a year) I happen to know that the Opryland Hotel as well as several other famous landmarks in Nashville are owned by (or at least used to be owned by) the Gaylord company. So immediately, without thinking that I should perhaps explain myself before I spoke, I said "I wonder if he's (the waiter) from Nashville. Gosh, I hope his family and house are ok if he is." The whole table proceeded to stare at me as if to say, "What the heck are you talking about?"

Now I know what some of you might be thinking right now-gosh April creep much? In fact I can see you shuffling your children away from me as I type this. But I disagree with your creeper claims-I think I missed my calling in life as a Private Investigator. I mean really, who else can solve all those mystery/detective dramas on TV before they show you "who did it?" As far as I can tell I'm the only one holding up my hand right now. Always keep your eyes open America you never know what you might see!

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