Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Shower Pictures

As promised here are some pictures from our two fabulous baby showers!

From Cinci:
Presents! See the little push toy with the orange wheels? Turns out that was Nic's favorite toy as a cute little toddler and his aunt gave it to us to have for our own little baby!

Sam & I before the shower got started.

Cute little cookies from the Bon Bonnerie!

Katy and I at the shower. I can not believe she's a junior now!

And I know this isn't a "shower picture" per say but it is a picture of Randy & Sam's cute little new puppy Luci!

And now a few from Danville:
Fun little diaper cake made with nursery colors-Thanks Kristy!

A few of our guests.

Cute little polka dot cake. In case you can't see it that says "Future Lil Hokie."

Opening presents with my childhood friend Ashley right next to me. Our moms have been great friends all of their lives too!

I can't say thank you enough to those of you who came and help put these showers together. Nic and I feel super blessed and love- so thank you!

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