Monday, November 1, 2010

Mission Impossible

My mission for the month: to blog every day (weekends included). I realize this may seem like a lofty goal given my recent history, but hey you gotta dream big right? I was just telling Nic how I feel like for once I have tons to blog about. So we'll start with today's happenings.

We just got back (like 30 minutes ago) from our first childbirth class. All day I've been a little nervous but I worked up my courage and "put on my big girl pants" as we were driving to the hospital tonight. One of my health care practitioners was actually teaching the class (and will be for the next 3 weeks) so that was reassuring and exciting because Nic had yet to meet her. There are 13 couples in the class and I bet 4 of them are due within a few days of my due date! As the class got started and the teacher was explaining what we'd be covering over the next month I was thinking ok I can do this, this is all good. Anatomy & Physiology was one of my favorite classes in college so I'm totally down with picture diagrams and charts. And it was all good until she put the video in. That's when it started to go down hill. I could feel my palms start to get sweaty and my stomach start to hurt, it was 7th grade sex education happening all over again.

Ok so I may be exaggerating a bit there. But it definitely was my least favorite part of the evening. Overall though I'm way excited to be there (and Nic agrees). It's cool to see and understand how the whole process works and it made me even more excited for Baby U's arrival-less than 2 months to go :). Here's a picture of Nic & I for my 32 weeks belly pic. See you tomorow!

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