Sunday, November 7, 2010

Less Ordinary

Over the past few weeks I feel like God has repeatedly been challenging me to examine my life and not just settle for the ordinary. Today was one of those days where he brought it to the forefront of my attention again. You see I'm really good at stuffing things like that deep down so they don't inconvenience me and God doesn't seem to be a fan of such behavior.

Right now I'm not exactly sure what "living a life less ordinary" means for me. I do know he's calling me to really examine how I spend my days and what consumes my time; to ask myself the question "Is this for his glory and purposeful or just a routine and for my own good?" I know I should (and want to) commit to pray through this instead of coming up with answers on my own. And with this I know it's going to take some time but I am hopeful that God will answer and challenge me through it all. Look for more updates about this as it unfolds!

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