Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday Nut

I'm a big fan of my birthday. I mean I know most people are but I REALLY like my birthday probably to a point of obnoxiousness. I have no problem telling people in the days leading up to and on the actual day that it's my birthday :). So just so you know my birthday is this Sunday (11/14)!

When it comes to birthdays (or life in general) I'm not the biggest fan of surprises. I would just rather know whats going on so I can prepare myself. I still get excited whether I know or not! I remember one birthday in college (maybe my 20th??) I woke up and my roomies acted as if it was just another day. No one said anything much to me, maybe a wimpy 'Happy Birthday' but not much else. Nic was in town visiting and I kept asking him "What are we going to do today?" His response "I don't know we'll figure something out."

Well this is where my true 'only child' self came out and all I could think was, how can you be so lame, how dare you take such an important day so lightly, "we'll figure something out"- why the heck haven't you figured something out already? Well in case you haven''t figured it out already I was furious the rest of the day at Nic, my roomies, and the whole world. Later that evening he kept insisting we go to my friend Megan's house, who I was also quite sure had forgotten this very special day, so it was with great reluctance that I walked in her side door.

What do you know they had planned a wonderful surprise party for me with tons of people and fun! I definitely stuck my foot in my mouth that day and you better believe I was doing some serious apologizing :). Here are a couple birthday party posts from recent years!


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