Saturday, November 13, 2010

Short Recap

Today was a fun-filled, action-packed adventure. It started off with a baby shower, hosted by my lovely friends Kristal and Lisa. It was such a blessing to have friends from all chapters of my life come together to celebrate this little baby. Hopefully, I'll post some pictures soon (when I get them).

This afternoon, Nic and I went to Roanoke for the Stocked Market Bazaar. This was part of my weekend birthday celebration, so Nic graciously and willingly pushed through the crowds and the Christmas music. My parents ended up meeting us there, which was a lot of fun. After running a few more errands in the "big city," we grabbed a birthday dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. It was a great way to kick off my birthday eve (note previous post about being a birthday nut). All of this activity has left me worn out and without enough energy to come up with more than this short recap of the day for now. Goodnight.

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