Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Present

As I've mentioned before on the blog I'm not much of a surprise person. Sometimes I think that's hard for Nic (because he sort of is) but when you grow up being able to pick out your Christmas presents it's hard not to do that every time you receive a present! Since compromise is a big part of marriage we've done just that. Our new policy is I send Nic a list of ideas, he gets to pick one out, wrap it, and surprise me with whichever item he picked out. It's a win win for both parties!

After reading about Krochet Kids International (KKI) on a hilarious/inspiring blog I recently came across, I knew exactly what I wanted for Valentine's Day! KKI is an organization that exists here in the US and in Northern Uganda- every crocheted item you buy is hand crafted by one of 87 Acholi women working for KKI in Uganda. For most of these women this is the first time they are receiving a fair and consistent income. This income allows them to support their families, send their children to school, and make their dreams come true!

When I woke up this morning I found this on my kitchen table!

The cool thing I didn't know when I originally found KKI is that the woman who makes your hat signs the inside of it too! What's even better is you can then log on to their website, find the woman who specifically made your hat, read her story, and then send her your thanks and encouragement (in case you're interested Akello Florence made my beautiful hat)!

I've been reading a lot about Africa lately (more about Rwanda than Uganda though) and I feel like God is making all these connections for a reason-even though I'm not quite sure why yet. I do hope you'll check them out if you're ever in need of a hat (or a scarf, shirt, laptop case, etc)!

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