Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Two Months!

Dear Sweet Sadie,

You are two months old today (well sort of, February is a weird month)! I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying. Some of those early weeks felt pretty long but now it seems to just sail by. You are such a smiley baby and it melts both mine & your daddy's heart every time you do. You really are such a good baby. The doctor used the word "mellow" to describe you today and I think that's quite fitting. Perhaps I should start singing you that Donovan song (don't worry I thought The Beatles wrote that song too, who the heck is Donovan anyways? Oh well thank you Google for your infinite knowledge).

Your favorite thing to do right now is lay on your back and kick/flail those arms and legs around. You really like to a) use your manners by raising your hand to ask a question b) signal everything as a touchdown (even when it's not football season) c) and praise Jesus with those arms of yours :). You're still getting the sleep thing down but you have been known to sleep from 11pm-7:30am. That consistency thing will come eventually. You really like books, if we read to you, you'll stare right at the bright pictures. I think you like the sound certain words make too (like spaghetti) but your dad says I'm crazy!

Some of your firsts this month included: your first long(er) road trip to see Nana & Papa, your first time meeting your great grandparents (one set at least), your first Superbowl (which by the way you decided to throw up all over the pretty onesie your momma specifically made for this momentous occasion), Valentines Day, and many more I'm sure I'm missing.

We're excited for the many more firsts to come too. You are such a blessing-we love you lots little girl!

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