Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Months

Hey Sadie - happy three month birthday! Although these three months have been hard, your mom and I wouldn't trade them for anything. We love playing with you, reading to you, and trying to talk to you (although you haven't really figured that one out yet).

This past month included a lot of new things for you. We were a little nervous to take you on a few longer road trips, but you did great. You came with us to Cincinnati to visit your dad's side of the family, including your other set of great grandparents. You even had your first trip to Skyline! You also came up with us to Northern Virginia to visit some friends up there. You like the road trips already because the car puts you right to sleep. You've also started hanging out at the BCM with us during the day. Thanks for being flexible for us!

You're finally learning how to hold your head up and have some control of your motions. You've even discovered how much you like to watch TV - we have to keep you from watching it too much so it doesn't rot your brain (I'm glad I can use parent phrases like "it'll rot your brain" with you now)! You're adjusting to earlier bedtimes (usually around 9:30 or 10), and can sleep through the night most of the time, although you still like to wake us up early every now and then. We love you lots!

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