Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Nine Months!

Dear Sadie-

You are quite your own little person nowadays. Over the past month you've become quite the master at crawling. There's no such thing as giving you a five second head start any more; if we did you'd be tumbling down the stairs or pulling anything you can reach on top of you! You've learned to appreciate this new freedom pretty fast too. You're not such a fan of activities that limit your freedom any more (i.e. getting your diaper changed, changing your clothes, sitting for long periods of time).

You're still super social. You laugh when other people laugh and you love to stare at people's faces/reactions. You absolutely LOVE other kids, the moment I drop you off in the nursery you're crawling around and reaching for the other kids like they're your best friend. Baby is still your best friend though, despite the fact you often throw her down on the ground and right in the path of the stroller.

You're attempting to pull up on furniture but so far you only pull up to your knees. That's just far enough to reach everything on the coffee table. Because of that, the remote control has found a temporary home on the bookcase. You have six teeth now and despite a bit of fussiness you've taken it like a champ. Speaking of being a champ, you were a road warrior this month! You were in the car for 12 hours over a 72 hour time period to go to Louisville to celebrate Uncle Randy & Aunt Sam's wedding!

You're also no longer a vegetarian! We finally got up enough nerve to open the can of pureed meats. You've also had a little bit of yogurt, cheese, and bread. You love sweet potato puffs- they are a great way to keep you happy and content if there's even a hint of fussiness.

Your smile and laugh continue to melt my heart. You are such a sweet baby and I'm so thankful to call you my daughter!

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