Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fantasy Football Thoughts

I'm enjoying playing fantasy football a lot more than I thought I would (despite the fact I got crushed this week). I must say though I'm amazed at how easily frustrated I get with "my players" when they have a bad week. Like Philip Rivers this week- come on buddy, 6.44 points TOTAL?

Anyways it made me think about some controversy stirred up by top Fantasy Football Draft Pick, Arian Foster, back in August. After having to leave the game because of an injury, Arian tweeted the following: “4 those sincerely concerned, I'm doing ok & plan 2 B back by opening day. 4 those worried abt your fantasy team, u ppl are sick.” In a final message to clear the air he tweeted: "I know opinions are usually cement. But, I love all my fans. My quarrel is with people who value a digital game over a humans health. #love""

When I first read this back in August all I could think was "He's so right, those people treat him like a possession instead of a person" but now that I've played fantasy for a few weeks I see how easy it is to get all caught up in it. I certainly don't want to dehumanize these players but I'm finding in order to do that I have to be careful about how I even talk about them. I have to remind myself that I don't hold the rights to these guys and they don't care who I am in the first place!

Any who, who would've thought five years ago I'd be blogging about sports? My how times have changed. It seems marriage has a funny way of doing that. And besides, I have a better fantasy football record right now than my husband :), a girl's gotta gloat some times right?

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