Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Things Tuesday

1) Nic and I were both sick last week and we saw this weekend as an opportunity to recover. As a result of said "recovery time" we watched a lot of TV this weekend. So when I tell you I've become addicted to yet another show you can at least understand why and sympathize with me at least just a little bit. Based on a friend's Facebook recommendation we started watching Parenthood and I got hooked fast. I stayed up late (I'm talking past midnight) to watch all the episodes Hulu had available. The only bad thing is now I'm scared to death for Sadie to grow up! Can we just skip the whole teenager/young adult phase?

2) I made granola yesterday. It's Alton Brown's granola recipe and I'm convinced it's the best out there. For some reason I equate the smell of maple syrup and oats with fall. Friday was the first official day of fall and I've been waiting for it to "feel like fall" ever since then. What's up with all this high humidity in September? This is Virginia not Louisiana. Bring on the cardigans and hoodies please!

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