Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Sorry for the huge gap in between posts.  I've noticed a lot of the other blogs I follow have also had longer than normal pauses that they blame on the lack of structure during summer so I'm doing the same.  I've also had trouble thinking of things to blog about so suggestions are welcome :).  Anyways, here are a few Midweek Confessions.

 - I signed up for my first half marathon this week and the thing I'm most excited about, actually happens next week.  I'm headed to the MOPS Convention in Dallas next week & I'm so excited because I'll finally get to look like a "real runner" since I'll have to run in the hotel fitness center to stay on track with my training schedule.  I know, we'll save my self confidence issues for another day!

-The olympics may or may not have inspired me to sign up for said half-marathon. 

- Speaking of self confidence issues, Nic & I have been eating healthier the past few weeks and when we have a good day it takes everything in me not to post all about it on Twitter.  Obviously I failed just now.

-Thanks to a podcast I listened to this morning I've been thinking about the age old question, do I take myself too seriously?  In an attempt to "lighten up" I started singing in the car tonight.  At every stoplight I would stop and look at the person beside me and wonder "Do they think I'm crazy?"  I think I know the answer to my question. 

-I'm obsessed with ampersands.  Like thinking of becoming an ampersand knick-knack collector.  Who does that (but seriously if you find out let's talk because I want to find out where they get all their goods)?

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  1. Singing as loud as I can in the car is quite possibly my favorite way of making people think I'm crazy. Because... being normal is super boring. (: