Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midweek Confessions

My mid-week confessions are a day late this week.  I blame the nice weather.  Better late then never though!

- Last time I wrote I bragged about feeling like a "real runner" since I would continue my training even while on vacation.  Well it certainly wasn't all the glitz and glamor I imagined it to be.  Somebody slap me the next time I start bragging about that.

- Speaking of running, while in Texas one of my runs was outside.  Our hotel was right on Lake Grapevine so the trail went through some "marshy" territory.  All I could think was "Do they have alligators in Texas?"  When I got back to the room one of my roommates informed me that they don't have alligators but they do have rattlesnakes and scorpions.  Sweet Lord, do all Texans carry around a shotgun with them to ward off such creatures?

- I was a bit nervous about flying last week.  It had been almost three years since my last flight and I was just a bit uneasy about it all.  In my desperate need for control AT ALL TIMES I found myself mumbling "ok boys, get us out of here" every time we would hit a patch of turbulence.  Since when did I go to flight school?  I also felt a strange urge to give the pilots a high-five when exiting the aircraft.  I restrained myself.

- I met one of my favorite bloggers, Lisa-Jo Baker, last week at MOPS Convention.  I talked to her after her seminar and even tweeted (*this is when you use Twitter to communicate with someone mom, sort of like a text*) at her, thanking her.  The fact that she replied to that tweet may or may not have been the highlight of my day.

- Sometimes when I'm in the middle of doing something I'll stop and think about how I'm going to phrase a tweet describing said something.  Then, when I'm finished and ready to tweet I get annoyed at myself because I can't remember how the phrase went.  Does this make me pathetic or narcissistic?  Please don't answer that question.  

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