Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Minute Friday...Look

Well after a considerable break around these parts I thought it might be about time to break the silence.  I've been experiencing a good bit of writers block lately- I think about blogging but then I don't know what to blog about.  Pair that with the busiest time of a year for a campus minister and you get two months of nothing.  So to break the silence I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for a Five Minute Friday-no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.  This week's topic....Look.

It doesn't take much effort to look around outside this time of year.  It's peak season for all the brilliant colors of fall and man are they beautiful.  I'm constantly reminded of how beautiful this place we live in is.  Sometimes if you catch a view of the mountains from just the right angle it looks like they're on fire.  And of course I would be lying if I didn't mention how those last few words make me think of Katniss, I digress. 

It's so easy to take the beauty of nature for granted.  I walk the same paths every week, I drive on the same roads every day, I see the same trees outside my window every morning.  But sometimes it takes a change to make me actually LOOK at something new, as if for the first time.  I think what I'm saying there is sometimes change isn't always a bad thing.  And I really can't believe I just wrote that sentence because change does not come easy to this girl.  I remember when my parents sold the smoke puffing, wood paneled mini-van that I was often mortified to ride in I collapsed into a heap on the front lawn as the new owner drove away.  Was I really that sad to see it go?  Probably not, but it meant change was coming.  And it always does, whether I'm ready for it or not.   


  1. Ah! can be good, but that doesn't mean we always like it, huh? Of course, the changing of seasons is different that the changing of life...or vehicles. This past summer our van died. This was so oddly sad for me...but we spent 9 yearly in that van...we bought it with a gift from my now passed away Gramma...and my kids were practically raised in it! It makes me sad when I pass the small car "junk" yard that is not far from our house and there "she"...all picked apart like some road kill!
    So...I can sympathize with your younger self!
    welcome back to blogging...I often ask WHAT should I blog about!? Glad Lisa-Jo helps me along at least ONE day a week :0).
    Enjoy the beautiful changes of fall!