Monday, June 3, 2013

Another ridiculous coffee shop story

A couple of weeks ago we went to up to Roanoke on a Saturday morning to check out their farmer's market.  I was somewhere in the middle when it came to my satisfaction with the market.  On the positive side, their produce was WAY cheaper then our local farmer's market and we got some green eggs (yes you read that correctly) that were seriously some of the best I've ever eaten.   In case I just freaked you out and you're going all Dr. Seuss on me, the eggshells were green, not the actual egg contents (which by the way is apparently super common when buying non-store bought eggs).  Unfortunately there weren't a ton of farm/produce vendors and by the end of the market there were more craft vendors than anything else.  The atmosphere was awesome though & since we've had a gift card tucked away in our desk drawer for several months now, we decided to hit up Mill Mountain for some delicious iced coffee and apple juice.  I love this coffee shop and if I lived in Roanoke I would probably quite quickly become a "regular" (Well maybe, that's my dream to become a regular- you know, the kind that walk in and the barista has already made their drink because they come there every day.  Unfortunately I don't know if my wallet or my caffeine consumption can support my dreams).  

Anyways, before we got out of the car that morning I had stashed my DSLR camera in the bottom of our stroller in an effort to take more pictures and make our blog seem "more artistic."  But of course, like always, because photography is NOT my passion, I hadn't taken a single picture all morning.  So as soon as we sat down I whipped out my camera and started framing the perfect shot (don't worry folks, I call myself a recovering perfectionist).  As I'm trying not to curse at the flash that keeps popping up despite my incessant efforts to keep it down (again, read I am not a photographer), I hear some "smirking" from the table next to us. 

Out of the corner of my eye who should appear but a table full of lattes and three hipsters nearby.  No but seriously, there were three young twenty-somethings, who as I listened closer to their conversation just so happened to have shot (with a camera) a wedding the weekend before.  And as they spied my camera and my obvious lack of expertise, I felt......dejected.  I've never been more aware of my baggy jeans and collegiate hoodie then in that moment.  I wanted to scream "But.... I have a cute toddler."  As if trying to justify my behavior.  Pathetic, I know.  Luckily I didn't say a thing, I just sat there, sipped the rest of my iced coffee, and walked out with my head held high.  Only to think maybe I'd just been given a sign from above. 

Stop trying to be something that you're not.  Now if only I wasn't so dang stubborn.


  1. P is like Auto, but will never use the flash! I use P all the time.

  2. That is so funny. I love that coffee shop but know exactly what you mean about them snickering hipsters. Seriously, Sadie and all her preciousness give you way more street cred than understanding the settings on a fancy camera. Let's be real, most of the "cool" twenty-somethings who hang out in coffee shops all the time are generally unemployed and living with their parents, so they really aren't that cool. All that to say, you're way cooler :) haha