Friday, May 24, 2013

Hook 'em....I mean Go Aggies!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I have lots of plans in my head for some fun, local events to celebrate with (hmm...perhaps I should run those by the hubs sometime soon).  Unfortunately though none of those plans include swimming.  It's currently 52 degrees and FREEZING!  I even saw a tweet that said tomorrow morning will be in the 30's, what in the world?  Perhaps my life long dream of living in Texas isn't looking so far off after all.

Speaking of TX, my mother's day present this year was a lovely Texas A&M hoodie that I may or may not have bought for myself (read: I ordered it from the university bookstore & used Nic's credit card to purchase).

Apparently wearing college paraphernalia, around a different college town, that you don't have a *direct* connection to makes you an easy target for people to make fun of.  By no means am I a bandwagon fan, I mean I did start following Johnny Manziel on Twitter after he won the Heisman this year, BUT I have been listening to podcasts out of Breakaway Ministries (a ministry on the campus of A&M) for a few years now.  So by way of hearing Ben Stuart talk about Reed Arena and the Aggies on a regular basis, I think I'm allowed a sweatshirt.  (And to further convince you of my  connection, in terms of colleges, Virginia Tech and Texas A&M are quite similar actually.  Big state schools with a corps of cadets and a large emphasis on tech & ag related fields.)

Anyways, all this is fine & dandy until I walk into our local Starbucks last week proudly wearing my new hoodie.  (Mind you, I'm already totally ignoring the fact that it's 80 degrees outside and I'm melting, but gosh darn it I will wear my new shirt!) Immediately the barista behind the counter says, "I love your shirt!  I have a cover for my phone too!"  and then she proceeds to pull out her iPhone proudly adorned with an Aggies cover.  I freeze.  Oh my gosh, she knows my secret. How does she know my secret?  What do I say?  How am I supposed to respond?  In that moment all that comes to mind is "Hook 'em Horns" but I know that's not right, so I mutter out the only words I can think of,  "Ummm..thanks."  Biggest. letdown. ever.  Here this innocent barista thinks she has found a friend and fellow Aggie lover and all I can do is say thanks.  Apparently buying another school's hoodie comes with more responsibility than I realized. 

Obviously I'm still wearing the hoodie but I won't be caught off guard again.  I did my research (thank you, faq page on the Texas A&M website).  Gig 'em Aggies!

Disclaimer: Don't worry Hokie fans, my heart still belongs to Virginia Tech.


  1. Very... funny. So. If I buy you an Arkansas shirt, you'll wear it? I can teach you to call the Hogs so you'll be ready for random encounters!

    1. haha, sure! Well truthfully I already have an Arkansas shirt from my visit to see Mr. Jackie Flake a few years ago. I just don't wear it very confidently :). But maybe I'll try to bust it out a little bit more this summer!