Monday, August 16, 2010

Overdue Update

So I know I mentioned in the last post I wanted to blog everyday during August but as you can tell it's 14 days later and that did not work out so well. Oh well! Things are starting to gear up for a new school year around here. A lot of students have already returned and those living on campus (include all the new freshmen) can start moving in as early as Wednesday. As I've mentioned before I could not be more excited about students coming back. Summer is nice but I miss having students around!

As for a baby update, I am now officially 21 weeks pregnant and halfway through. Woohoo! We had an ultrasound a couple weeks back and everything looked great.

Baby was not being so cooperative that day but the tech told us she thought it was a girl! We've heard from a couple other medical professionals that they think "probably girl too." I'm headed back in tomorrow morning just to double check that "probably" :).

In other news I am so ready for fall! I reached my breaking point with this heat and humidity last week and I can not wait for cooler temperatures to set in. Not to mention the brightly colored autumn leaves and football.'s to September (but hopefully I'll see you around before then)!

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