Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday Nic and I set off for Roanoke with one goal in mind: to register for Baby U. Here's a picture I took of us right before leaving the 'burg.

Now give it's not the most flattering picture of me (hello awkward angle double chin) but notice how happy we look, like we're ready to conquer the day. Well unfortunately this is the only picture I got yesterday. I had fully intended to chronicle our adventure but after the first stop I was overwhelmed, dejected, and not so photo happy.

Our first stop was in fact Babies R Us. I was feeling good when we first arrived. The lady who signed us up for a registry was super friendly and helpful, the store itself is brand new so it's super nice inside but it all started going down hill when she let us loose with the little scanner gun. I hadn't spent much time researching what we should/shouldn't register for so we just started going up and down all the aisles looking like lost sheep.

It wasn't too long into this process that I realized you can't just say, "Oh pacifiers, that's a good idea, let me just scan this one" because there are A MILLION different pacifiers to choose from. If it's not that 20 different brands are available, there are 500 patterns or colors to choose from, not to mention taking price into consideration too. This same thing happened with EVERY item I wanted to register for. I could feel my heart rate start to race and that's when I realized it, I was starting to get overwhelmed. Thank goodness for my sweet little hubby who kept saying over and over again "It's ok baby, everything is going to be ok." We decided it was probably time to turn in the scanner gun shortly after that for both of our sanity's sake.

After that craziness, we decided it was time for a little therapy, a thing I like to call Chick-Fil-A. After happily ordering a #5, the 8 count with a sweet tea and honey mustard we sat down over lunch and the "Registry Checklist" to create an attack plan for our second stop, Target.

Target felt much better from the get-go. For one, I love that store, it may in fact be one of my happy places. But most importantly there were not nearly as many options (i.e. stuff) in their baby section so it made registering so much easier. We were in and out of there within an hour, feeling good about what we registered for. We both agreed we needed a reward after one intense day so we stopped at Sonic on the way out of town for some ice cream treats. Exhausted as we were when we got back home, I gained a little more strength from hearing the Hokies secure their first win of the season!

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