Thursday, September 16, 2010

It Begins with Me

Nic & I both got slammed with our friend and yours, the common cold, for the large majority of this week so tonight when I got home from work I was in a no good, lousy, yucky mood (in other words, I was throwing myself a bit of a pity party). I was saying things like, "I'm a crappy campus minister, a lousy friend, a bad wife, and a terrible housekeeper"- all great things to tell yourself I know.

After dinner, while laying down upstairs, I heard a diesel truck pull up so I looked out the window and saw a FedEx truck parked outside my house. Immediately all my arm hairs stood to full attention and I thought, could this possibly, just maybe be a package for me? Seeing as we weren't expecting anything and the fact that I was in a crappy mood, I figured "Hmmph, it's probably for our neighbors." But imagine my surprise when he rang OUR doorbell and I heard him tell my handsome hubby "It's for April."

As Nic brought the package into our room I was glowing with excitement. Turns out it was a package from Compassion International with the following contents!

I received an email from them a few weeks ago about the opportunity to host Compassion Sunday at your church. So after talking to our pastor and receiving his permission I signed [nlcf] up and somewhat forgot about it till a couple of days ago. Compassion Sunday (9/26) is a worldwide day of making people aware of child sponsorship and hopefully adding more sponsors to the Compassion family. A large chunk of the package contained child sponsorship packets (which you can see to the right of the t-shirt) so people can sign up to sponsor a child on the spot. It made me so happy to see all those little kiddos faces and I really do pray that we'll be able to find a sponsor for most of them that day. Thank you God for unexpected blessings! And here's to hoping the t-shirt still fits in a week. Silly me kind of forgot I was going to be 27 weeks pregnant when I actually wore it :).

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  1. Wishing you very best as you promote Compassion at your church! Praying for seeds to be planted in people's hearts!