Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Eight Months!

Dear Sadie,

Today you are eight months old! Dad keeps reminding me that's two thirds of a year - man where does the time go? People keep saying you look older now too, more like a toddler than a baby, but to me you're still a sweet little baby!

You've learned how to do so much this month. It's like everyday you learn a new skill. I think we're ready to say you are officially crawling. The "official" came when we realized how much baby proofing we have to do around this place. You are so aware of everything these days. There's no such thing as sneaking away anymore, if mom & dad come in a room it's guaranteed you'll see them & you expect to be acknowledged by them too.

You babble all the time now too. Sometimes I think the only time you're quiet is when you eat and sleep. You're certainly learning the consonant sounds and we *think* you might be starting to say "mama." You're very social and like to smile at most people, although you have been known to give a few mean stares occasionally :). Lately you've been pretty attached to your baby doll. This is the only toy I've seen you cry over if it's within sight but out of your reach.

You still haven't tried any meats yet. Mom & Dad can't bring themselves to open the can or simply blend up some chicken. There's just something about the idea of pureed meats, ick, it just seems wrong, oh well that'll come one day I suppose. You added another tooth to your collection this month too, one on top, which brings the total up to three.

We love you lots little girl!

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  1. Meh, just dice the chicken up really tiny. Pureed meat is some nasty stuff. Never did feed it to my two.
    She has so much more hair than last time I saw her! Too cute!