Monday, August 15, 2011

A little love to spread around

It's been a busy few weeks around these parts. Unfortunately it's not been the best of days for all of us. This little beauty got fleas.

Despite a monthly application of Frontline, the little blood suckers (gross I know) somehow made their way onto poor Mabel. According to our vet, "There have been some reported cases of fleas in the area that are resistant to Frontline." Luckily it's not a terrible outbreak. We've given her a couple of flea baths and vacuumed our house more in the past couple of weeks than we have all year (ok maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but not much). I couldn't help but feel a little guilty when we found out though. I told Mabel I hoped she didn't feel like the only way to get our attention these days is to have a parasite. Poor pup!

In other totally unrelated news we got a letter from our Compassion child last week and it brought tears to my eyes. This has got to be one of the sweetest things ever. Gersam wrote (from the translator's perspective), "He is so thankful for your letter. He doesn't have any sisters or brothers but your daughter (Sadie) is his sister. He is happy to learn that you have a daughter. Congratulations!!" Is that not the most precious thing ever? I'm always amazed at how God reveals himself to me in the most unexpected ways!

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