Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Seven Months!

Dear Sweet Sadie-

Another month has come and gone. You're closer now to being a one year old than you are a little bitty baby and sometimes that makes me sad! You are at such a fun age right now that I sometimes wish I could freeze time. As you can tell from your picture your hair is laying totally flat these days (bye bye mohawk) and if you don't have a bow in your hair (which is rare) it looks like you need a haircut. Your bald spot is finally starting to grow back in because....

You are rarely laying on your back these days. You're sitting up on your own, rolling all over the place, and even starting to scoot around. You are so close to being able to crawl, especially if Mabel is around! When we put you down on the floor to go get something, we return only to find you in the exact opposite corner we left you. You got your two bottom teeth this month (they're still coming in) basically at the same time. Other than a pretty rough morning at church one week (shout out to all those patient & loving childcare workers) you've tolerated it pretty well. Just a few doses of Tylenol every now and then.

I'm hoping you turn out to be a great musician like your dad because lately you've taken a serious interest in all things musical. Whenever your dad pulls out the guitar you stare in amazement and like to play a few chords (rather pull on the strings till they're out of tune). You're enamored by the music at church every week too. We've been taking you to a Water Babies class this month and you have loved it! Lately you are squealing with delight by the end of the class. You've even been under water a few times. You especially enjoy watching all the other kids in you class.

We're looking forward to many more adventures with you this month. The next one, meat! Until next time- we love you lots!

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