Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First World Problems

Last night I said something really dumb. I knew it was dumb the moment it left my lips but I said it anyway. We were driving to small group, with my water bottle in hand, and I looked at Nic and said "I hate the taste of water. If it only tasted better, then I'd drink more of it." Now before you start calling me overly dramatic and move on to the next blog, watch the video below.

When I came across this the other night I laughed hysterically, showed it to Nic, and laughed some more. It's ok to laugh at it, it's meant to be funny, but I think there's a whole lot of truth to what this kid is saying too. And that brings us back to the water conversation.

I've been trying to drink more water lately. Well, I've been trying to drink more water most of my life. I'd much rather have lemonade, Diet Pepsi, sweet tea, coffee, Diet Dr. Pepper, or really anything OTHER than water. And last night is not the first time I've complained about it either but as soon as I said it this time I thought about this video.

I thought about how I take for granted that my water is safe to drink with no threat of bacteria, disease, or even death because of it. I thought about how I can walk to the faucet as many times a day as I'd like and get as much water as I'd like to without ever walking multiple miles out of my way to get enough clean water for my family's daily needs. And then it happened I realized just how insignificant my complaint was in the grand scheme of things. I realized how I should be praising God for this bottle in front of me instead of grumbling about it's contents. To "be joyful always" applies to every aspect of my life even drinking water.

So pass the next glass of water my way and if you hear me start to complain feel free to give me a swift kick in the pants. Cheers!

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