Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Six Months!

Dear Sadie Elizabeth,

I'm a little late on this one. We were on vacation last week & though we did find time to take your picture on a beach towel in honor of it all I didn't find time to write. Your dad & I were looking at a bunch of old pictures of you the other day and man have you changed. You're quite the little person now too :).

You continue to be right at average for your weight on the growth charts and you top them off in height. The doctor said it seems like you're going to be tall and skinny. You've gotten the whole eating solid foods down pretty well now. You seem to be a fan of most vegetables and fruits, although if you had it your way we'd get rid of green peas altogether.

You went to two weddings this month and looked super cute in your little dresses while you were at it. I must say you behaved pretty well at both too, especially considering it was way out of your routine. You continue to be a really good natured baby and seem to adapt to new situations fairly well. You love to smile at people and observe everything around you. Your favorite "being" to watch is Mabel. I don't think anyone can captivate your attention quite as well as her.

You've started sitting up without assistance, although we like to keep the pillows around just in case. You babble all the time now too. The name of your pink giraffe has become quite the debate between your dad and me lately, he votes "Bubba", I say "Jo." I think you ended the debate today though when you started to make noises like "buuuubbbaaa." Way to be a daddy's girl :).

Like I mentioned earlier, you went to the beach for the first time this month. You were pretty apprehensive of the ocean at first but by the end of the week you were squealing in delight as the waves crashed around you. You loved having the attention of all your grandparents too. You're quite the little ham and enjoy a good round of applause in your honor!

Even with your diva-like traits your mom & dad love you very very much. It's hard to believe you've been around a half a year but some times I can't remember what life was like before you. We can't wait to see what the next half of the year holds!

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