Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing My Vegetables

One thing I've wanted to do for a couple of years now but have never had the resources to try is to have a small vegetable garden. Thankfully, we have a spot next to our apartment here that, while it is not ideal, I think will be able to support a small garden. A few weeks ago, I dug up a small patch of ground (maybe 6ft by 4ft), and I planted a few small plants there last weekend. We went to a local produce stand and picked out some tomato, cucumber, green pepper, and yellow squash plants. I'd like to add some herbs and maybe a few other vegetables, but there's not a ton of room left, so it will be a pretty modest garden if it succeeds.

I've swiftly killed every plant I've ever owned (including a cactus and bamboo plants that are supposedly really difficult to kill), so I don't have huge hopes of growing anything that will actually produce results. However, it's been fun to research and actually get outside and make some of the process happen. Call me a tree-hugger if you will, but I enjoy trying to do this in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. I hopefully made some good dirt by composting leaves from last fall, and have implemented a rain barrel system so I can water the plants with rain water instead of using the hose. Here's hoping that we get to eat some delicious, fresh veggies this summer!

Our Garden

Close Up of a Pepper Plant

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