Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Minute Friday-Perspective

We're up in Ann Arbor, MI (which by the way is a fabulous city) celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this weekend but I figured I could still squeeze in five minutes of writing.  So here goes the 2nd edition of Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama.  This week's topic: perspective.


"Perspective is the ability to stand between yesterday and tomorrow and understand how and where today fits in."

What's funny is I tweeted that quote a couple of days ago.  I was reading my MOPS Intl. Handbook of all things and came across it.  It seemed pretty profound to me because though it seemed so ideal, in reality I am absolutely terrible at it  I feel like I spend so many days just waiting for the hours to pass away or for Nic to come home, yet somehow I look back and the years keep flying by.  How have I been married 6 years on Sunday?  How is my daughter already 16 months old?

When I look at time in the broader picture it makes me want to savor every minute that I spend napping on the couch with my sick baby or singing in her ear while the doctor examines her and she screams bloody murder.  The days don't seem so unbearable at times because it all too quickly is passing away.


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  1. That's true. This too shall pass and it often does faster than we think. Especially after the kids turn about 8 or so. Time really starts to fly after that.