Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Confessions


In an effort to be more authentic, I'll be linking up with Elizabeth from E, Myself, & I on Wednesdays to share my not so perfect moments.

  •  Yesterday I ate at least 6 chocolate chip cookies for lunch.  In my defense I had a big breakfast around 10 o'clock (I can tell these honesty posts are going to include a lot of "in my defense" phrases).
  • As much as I like to tell people I'm not obsessed with my iPhone I totally am.  I check Facebook/Twitter/Email a lot (I should count for next week's post).  Sadie totally acts out when I do this too.  It goes a little something like this, "No Sadie, don't stick your hand in Mabel's water dish.  (looks down at phone) What?  Megan Fox is pregnant. (hears squeals, looks up)  Ahhh, that is not a bathtub Sadie!"  
  • Speaking of social media, sometimes when I'm talking to people in real life, I act like what they're telling me is the first time I've ever heard it.  Really I've already read it on FB/Twitter, I just don't know how to tell them without seeming rude.  Any ideas on what the proper etiquette is for these situations?  
  • Nic has been waking up early to exercise.  Sometimes when his alarm clock goes off I totally act like I'm still asleep or "play dead" as I like to call it.  I did acknowledge this to him last night, his response "Oh I know."     
Eeeek, I can not believe I just posted some of those things on the world wide web.  Don't judge me!  


  1. I'm addicted to my iPhone and social media as well. Sometimes my instagram & blog friends seem more real that real friends, is that bad?!

  2. I loved this post and it made me laugh so much. Not laughing at you but at ME because I do the same things in my own way. And while I may not have a husband getting up early, I do try to trick myself & my alarm clock into believing that I'm still too asleep to get up!