Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Three: Day two

So I know that technically there are only 2 hours and ten minutes left in this day but nonetheless here goes day two of My Three!

(yes I know this doesn't look like me.  That's because it's from my freshmen year of college (i think), 2002 to be exact)

Meet Megan F.  Despite the fact that Megan and I grew up about 30 minutes down the road from each other we never met till we got to Virginia Tech.  We ended up living in the same dorm, she on the first floor, I on the sixth.  I spent many a night on Meg's floor due to a bad roommate situation and we quickly became good friends.

The one year that we lived together during college I distinctly remember Meg waking up a bit early every day to spend some time with God.  If I ever got up before 7, it was almost a guarantee that I would see her door cracked, light on, and smell the coffee brewing (really it was already brewed and in hand, she had to have her coffee :o).  I wasn't much of an early riser back then, and to be honest I'm still not, but I saw such discipline and devotion to the Lord in Megan that it not only encouraged me but challenged me to do the same (just maybe not in the morning).  

I've been going through a study on Ruth by Kelly Minter this summer and yesterday in my reading she was talking about how Naomi, though it sounds harsh, is to be admired for her honesty with God at the end of chapter 1.  This couldn't remind me more of Megan.  Some of my favorite time spent with Meg is laughing till I cried BECAUSE of her honesty but she also could not be more real in what's going on with her walk with the Lord.   

This last year has brought lots of changes to her life (you can read about that and more of her honest heart here).  I'll never forget talking to her just a few weeks after Liam was born.  She was telling me how all the doctors kept telling she & Joe that they just couldn't get over how peaceful and calm they had been and then she said something that took my breath away, something she meant, "We want to be sure we're showing these doctors the love of Jesus through it all too."  Here she was awaiting news that would change her life and she was thinking about God's glory.  Such faith.  Such trust.  Thank you Megan for showing me what it means to "continue in my faith, established and firm", even from 3,000 miles away!

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