Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's time for...

Midweek Confessions.  I feel like these are a little lamer than usual.  Thanks for bearing with me & my goofiness though :).

  • Last night Sadie woke up & could not get herself back to sleep without screaming for over an hour.  I probably tend to be a bit melodramatic at 3am so as I lay awake staring at the ceiling all I could think was: Will I ever sleep again?  Why God why?  (side note- I certainly understand why God makes babies so darn cute now!)
  •  I found a few (like 4) grey hairs last week.  If you ask me about them in person I'll flat out deny it and call you a liar.  I like to refer to them as my "bleach blonde" hairs.  I may have had a mini nervous breakdown when I found them too. 
  • While we were childless last weekend I kept telling Nic we needed to stay out late, go see a movie, or live on the wild side a bit.  Instead of going to see The Avengers we went back to the B&B at 8:00 and finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  How sad are we?
  • I got my first gold card in the mail this week.  It was for Starbucks.  I let Nic nickname my card online, to which he affectionately termed it "Gold Digger."  Should I be concerned that he's trying to send me a subtle message?


  1. When babies are crying it's hard to stay rational. I'm one with a flair for the dramatic in such moments too. It's a mom thing. :)