Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Three: Day One

Instead of linking up with E, Myself, & I this week, I'm using a little inspiration from a blog I was introduced to last week.  If you're a parent, Orange Dad is well worth your time.  As I sat in Panera last week reading it for the first time, I was trying to hold back the tears as I thought about what it means "to shepherd my daughter's heart." 

Anyways,  I think I'm going to do a series of posts based on a few of the questions he poses.  The first being, Who are your people?  The ones who've invested in you and influenced you in your walk with the Lord.  I've narrowed it down to 3.  I'll be posting one a day for the next three days!

So in no particular order here we go.

 (please ignore the fact that the Uebels somehow all managed to wear pink & white stripes that day- or as Nic likes to say pink/white/and MAROON stripes)

Libby G. is one of those people you can see every couple of years and somehow feel like it was just yesterday.  She's also one of those people you're just naturally drawn to because she's so fun, so when I saw her last Thursday :), nothing could've been sweeter.  Libby worked at the BCM (BSU back then) as an intern my freshman year at Virginia Tech.  I think God must have given her an extra dose of patience to stick with my bratty, obnoxious, "thinks she knows it all" 17 year old self, because for some reason she did  Libby was the first person to teach me not only what it meant to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and strength but to actually live like you do too.  Her passion for the Lord practically exuded in everything she did, whether it was teaching me how to pull off funny pranks or how to read the Word.

Libby was my friend & she taught me how to be a friend too.  If it wasn't for her persistence in getting five freshmen girls to actually hang out together once a week I probably wouldn't have some of the 4 bestest friends a girl could ask for!  I can still remember her telling stories about her besties from college & how she desired for us to have those same kind of life long friendships.    I recently found a bunch of prayer requests from that year while I was on a quest to "rid my house of all this crap."  Every week we would write our prayer requests on a sticky note and at the end of the year Libby gave them all back to us.  Thinking back on it, I never doubted for a second that Libby didn't pray over each of those requests, because that's just who she is (p.s. it's ok if you missed a week or two Libby, my observation still stands).

Now I sit on her side of the equation, where it feels like I hear a ton of prayer requests throughout the course of a week.  It's so easy to pass them over and say you will but never actually pray for them.  Seeing those post-it notes was a challenge to me of what it looks like to love and serve God well.  So thank you Libby.  Thanks for being a big part of the reason I wanted to be a college minister in the first place!

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