Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Eleven

40) The book I'm reading right now. It's written by a former Wycliffe missionary we met at a conference last year. I hadn't picked it up since last summer but it's been speaking volumes to me lately.

41) Meeting with these gals every Sunday night is such a blessing. They all have a wonderful way of pointing me to Jesus.

42) The kids at our church helped out the band this past Sunday morning. Such a blessing to see these little gals (the boys had a bit of stage fright) praising God.

43) Falling asleep on the sofa with my sweet little baby. Nic & I decided to trade in our computers for family time on Saturdays during the Lenten season. Sweet times like this are a result.

44) Saturday morning it rained hard. So hard that the 3.2 mile Run for Remembrance was canceled. When I looked out the door at BCM that morning I happened to notice a bunch of people running the race on their own. Pretty cool to see the Hokie community come together.

45) Speaking of BCM we had an in-house retreat with Longwood University & Hampden Sydney College. It was a great weekend of seeing people come together despite a few rearranged plans.

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